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HERACLEE is a Group of Real Estate Agencies created in 2008, based in Switzerland, Luxembourg and France.
HERACLEE is active in the fields of Transaction and Seasonal Rental as are most Agencies operating in the medium and high-end Real Estate segments.
What differentiates us, however, from our excellent colleagues & other "classic" Real Estate Agents, is our unique expertise in the field of « Real Estate Engineering »
This new way of completely rethinking the role, activity and commitment of a Real Estate
Agency, notably includes certain very technical segments such as:
National& International Taxation
Legal& Administrative Advice
Wealth & Estate Management
Urban & Architectural Solutions
Fundraising & Financing Methods
Control of Financial & Banking Flows
It is no longer a question today of simply "showing around" Goods or "finding" Clients, but indeed of accompanying, and above all advising, all the Parties involved during the research, contracting, tax, banking &legal processes, that have become much more challenging & complicated nowadays.
Backed by privileged relationships with leading Partners as well as a vast network of exclusive and private contacts, HERACLEE has been able to carry out in the recent years, a number of transactions deemed complex and even impossible...
Our in-depth knowledge of local players in the geographical areas where we are present, as well a s our expertise in delicate negotiations (bond securitization, sale of shares, dismemberment, TUP, etc.) are our assets recognized by all, which we are pleased to assert and make available to you.

Real Estate Engineering

HERACLEE offers innovative solutions enabling our Clients to achieve long-term objectives in terms of Real Estate Management, Transactions and Investments.
Our teams specialized in Real Estate Engineering will work in close collaboration with you in order to identify your expectations, your constraints & your needs, thus making it possible to develop Personalized Strategies and above all "Win-Win Situations" for all the Parties involved.

Purchases & Sales

HERACLEE has a large network of Business Providers, as well as privileged access to a vast selection of Properties for sale.
The "Search & Find" group is at your entire disposal to find exactly the Property corresponding to your expectations.
On the buyer side, HERACLEE is in contact with Private Clients wishing to acquire family assets, a s well a s with large national and international Venture Capital Groups and Investment Funds wishing to invest in Real Estate Assets with high yield potential.


HERACLEE offers you an exceptional & vast selection of more than 300 quality Appartements, Villas & Properties in all price ranges and in all 12 Municipalities of the Gulf of Saint Tropez.
Our Rental Goods are carefully selected in order to offer our Customers the highest level of comfort and satisfaction. The prices, services and preparations of our Rentals are perfectly optimized, thus avoiding any disappointment on the arrival of our Customers.
Our teams are at the entire disposal of Property Owners, in order to support them in the search & choice of quality Tenants.
HERACLEE is also fully involved in all that relates to the administrative, legal and technical side of each of its rentals.

Concierge & Property Management

HERACLEE entirely outsources it's Concierge and Property Management activity to Independent Service Providers, solely and exclusively active in these areas that are complementary to the Real Estate Agency activity.
This dissociated approach avoids Owner-Agency-Client conflicts of interest, and ensures optimal service to all parties.
We have at your disposal a list of these Partners who will enhance your stay with us.

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